The Sage Homes Difference

Many of our competitors are designers and project managers who subcontract your project to the lowest bidders. While our competitors may have a building license, these sub-contracted crews are not required to be licensed or insured. They may not have any consistent level of training. Because they work for several contractors at the same time, they don’t have a defined customer service strategy or standard.

Sage Homes is different. We hire talented designers, carpenters and tradesmen so we can bring the same high level of quality and consistency to every job. We train our employees to have the same vision of quality and customer service, and are committed to our customers – and only our customers. Once you start a project with Sage Homes, our project manager has complete control over the scheduling of our employees. Other companies can only offer apologies when the sub-contractors don’t show up. While we routinely use state-licensed sub-contractors for plumbing, heating, and electrical work, we keep the same great Sage Homes employees on your project.

Since you are opening your home to us, we believe we have an obligation to be good guests and to make the construction process as easy as possible for you and your family. This includes showing up on time, maintaining a professional appearance, cleaning up after ourselves every day, providing good communication, and practicing a caring attitude toward your home and family. A construction project typically requires 8-12 weeks of close, coordinated activity, in the tight spaces of your home, while you still live there. Our customers routinely tell us how pleased they are with the little things we do to help make those days easier. At Sage Homes, we all agree that happy customers are equally as important as quality construction to the future of our business.

When it comes to your personal space and your family, trust is paramount. We hope you will give us a chance to show you that it’s still possible to find great value in talented employees, quality products, and reliable service.