Our Process

Sage Homes is a full-service design/build company, meaning we start from the beginning – sometimes just an idea the homeowner is considering – and guide every aspect of the project from initial planning and interior design to construction and finishing touches.

A typical project begins when a homeowner wants to do “something.” We meet to discuss their ideas and figure out what isn’t working for them in their current situation. We then talk about a broad price range for their project. If the basic concepts and price range are comfortable to the homeowner, we enter into a design agreement – and that's where the fun begins!

Since design is a process, we have streamlined it into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Preliminary Design

Phase 1 is all about getting started with accurate information: measuring the space, creating as-built drawings, taking photos, ordering surveys and learning codes where needed.

Phase 2: Schematic Design

Once we have accurate plans, we begin looking at all of the possibilities. Generally, there are a few designs will need talking through. We look at pros and cons of various solutions and consolidate it all into one plan. We circle back with pricing once we have a vision to more accurately determine the final price tag.

Phase 3: Final Design

Now that we have a general plan, we get specific. The complete project scope gets fleshed out here. Construction documents and homeowner selections are critical for accurate communication, pricing and perfecting the design intention. There are a lot of ways to do things and we cannot make assumptions, so everything is documented, communicated and agreed upon. At the end of this phase, we produce a detailed quote for the project and determine timelines.

Phase 4: Production Design

Now the building begins! Our designer and builders work together to ensure the project is done accurately, efficiently and in a professional manner. Because Sage Homes' employees do all of the work (with the exception of plumbing, electrical and HVAC), we can ensure the craftsmanship meets our high quality standards and timelines. The systems we put in place allow for great communication between all parties throughout the entire building process. Custom projects are complicated and never quite the same, so having a tried-and-true process is very important for a successful beginning, middle and end.